Monday, 1 June 2015

The Origins of all of your names

Over the weekend I was looking at words that orignated from people's names, also known as eponyms. In honour of my lovely followers, I thought I would research where some of my followers' names come from. Apologies if I haven’t included you specifically in the list.

Aaron (@aarongspot27) means ‘mountain of strength’ in Hebrew.

Andrew (@AndyMRoberts, @Maxdog1967) originates from Greek and means ‘virile’ or ‘manly’.

Catherine (@_Polyhymnia) is Greek for ‘pure’ or ‘chaste’.

Christina, Christine and Kristina (@DrKristinaKing) comes from Latin and means ‘Christian woman’.

Colin (@col89) is a diminutive of Nicholas. Nicholas originates in Greek language and means ‘people's triumph’.

Dean (@deantoms) means ‘dweller in a valley’. Dean is derived from the Old English word ‘denu’ which means 'valley' and is a locational name denoting that the bearer resided in a valley.

Dominic (@maenllwyd, @Dominic_UK) means ‘Lord’s child’ in Latin.

Duncan (@DuncanDocker) means ‘brown warrior’ in Gaelic.

Fran (@dragonhistory) comes from Latin meaning ‘woman from France’.

George (@Georgios_Sot) is Greek in origin and translates as ‘farming man’.

Hassan (@HassanS_7) comes from Arabic and means ‘handsome’ and ‘to be good’.

Ian (@ianpatterson99, @CambridgeGuy1) derives from Hebrew and means ‘God is merciful’. It is a Scottish variant of John.

Jackie (@Jac7724) means ‘one who supplants’ and derives from Hebrew. It is a feminine form of Jacques, ultimately derived from Jacob. Jackie is a diminutive of Jack, or Jacqueline/Jacqueline.

James (@jimbojim93, @Jamesdavy7, @Jamesdhobson, @JXR1983) means ‘following after’ from Hebrew.

Jason (@jayinbold) means ‘a person who heals’.

Jeremy (@jeremypuk) means ‘lifted up or exalted by God’. It is an English medieval variant of the Biblical name Jeremiah. 

Joe or Joseph (@Matey30) means ‘God raises’ from Hebrew.

Jonathan (@jhazan) comes from Hebrew names 'Yahonathan and Jehonathan', derived from the Hebrew words 'Yahweh', which means 'God', and 'nathan', which means 'to give'.

Jon or John (@RudlophUcker, @ninjamoose101, @gaes_elskugi, @Loinerlad25) means ‘God gives’ and comes from Hebrew.

Jules, Julia and Julie (@MuttonMolester) means ‘soft haired’ in Latin.

Lee (@Timber_Wolf, @Rupaulology) means ‘from a clearing’ in Old English. It is derived from an old English surname.

Lewis (@ljhenshall) is Germanic and means ‘well-known fighter’.

Mark (@Markyeg, @MarkGaze, @Lonmark1980, @Bitofaboy, @_mark13) derives from Latin and means ‘warlike’ as it is a form of Marcus, ultimately derived from Mars, the name of the Roman god of war.

Martin or Martyn (@NFGmart) is derived from Martinus, which in Latin means ‘rendered to Mars’. Mars was the Roman god of war, known to the Greeks as god Ares. 

Matthew (@mjmralph, @mbainsey, @mouthymatthew, @Pringers78, @TheBeardedHomo along with myself) comes from Hebrew and means ‘God’s present’.

Mike or Michael (@Mike__MK, @DrawekimMike, @Mikeyrobinson3) comes from Hebrew and means ‘Which man is like God?’

Nick or Nicholas (@NickBasson1971) derives from Greek and means ‘people’s triumph’.

Peter (@bramallblade, @PeterL_77) comes from Greek and means ‘rock’.

Phil (@wildwonk) means ‘friend of horses’ and derives from Greek.

Robert and Robin (@rob_b122, @Robin1UK, @RobJMitch74) is Germanic in origin and translates as ‘brilliant fame’.

Ruth (@tis_I_Rufus) means ‘mate’ or ‘companion’ from Hebrew.

Ryan (@ryanlmc86) means ‘little ruler’ in Irish.

Sean (@seanmkent) originates from Hebrew and means ‘God is merciful’.

Shirley (@shirleybell5) means ‘sunny meadow’ and comes from Old English.

Simon (@SGHutchence, @_JustSimon_) comes from Hebrew and means ‘God has heard’.

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