Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Office Jargon - the worst offenders

In 2008, the BBC asked people all across the world to contribute their examples of the worst office jargon. Today many professions have jargon. ‘Jargon’ itself comes from an Old French word ‘jargoun’ which originally meant ‘the warbling of birds’. In Medieval English, it meant ‘twittering gibberish’ and it now means uninspiring or quite ugly sounding terminology. Such is the extent of jargon, many popular sitcoms have parodied working environments where it is most commonly used.

Which of these makes you want to grit your teeth?

1.       Going forward
2.       Idea shower
3.       Push the envelope
4.       Product evangelist
5.       Platform atheist
6.       Incentivise
7.       Holistic cradle-to-grave approach
8.       You can’t turn a tanker around with a speedboat change
9.       You’re in my radar
10.   Challenge
11.   Low hanging fruit
12.   Pre-prepare
13.   Look under the bonnet
14.   Get all your ducks in a row
15.   Relevant information
16.   Run it up the flagpole
17.   Put a record on and see who dances
18.   Square the circle
19.   Dot the I’s and cross the T’s on this one
20.   Helicopter view
21.   Forward planning
22.   Pre-plan
23.   Sprinkling magic
24.   Let’s action that
25.   Circle back
26.   Root and branch
27.   Reach out
28.   In this space
29.   From the get-go
30.   360-degree thinking
31.   Sales and delivery pipeline
32.   Letting the grass grow on this one
33.   Fingers down the throat of the company
34.   Close of play
35.   Auctioning
36.   At the end of the day
37.   110%
38.   Not enough bandwidth
39.   Can’t have your cake and eat it
40.   Face the music
41.   Step up the plate
42.   Capture your colleagues
43.   Paradigm shift
44.   Stakeholders
45.   Come to the party
46.   Cascading
47.   Feeding it back
48.   Granularity (taking things down to finer points)
49.   Leverage
50.   Strategic staircase
51.   In negative territory
52.   Touch base
53.   Drill down
54.   High altitude view
55.   Wrong-side the demographic
56.   Blue sky thinking
57.   Brainstorm
58.   Back of the net

Maybe you can think of some others?

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