Saturday, 30 May 2015

Consumed with Wanderlust? 5 words to do with travel

Image result for summer holidayThe summer holidays will soon be upon us, with many travelling to near and far destinations. Here are some words related to travelling and travellers.

‘Sojourn’ – both a noun and a verb meaning ‘a temporary stay’. It derives from the Latin subdiurnare meaning ‘to spend the day’.

‘Pereginate’ – meaning ‘to travel, especially on foot’. Again, this comes from the Latin peregrinari meaning ‘to travel abroad’. Hence, where we get the term peregrine falcon from – a bird who travels.

‘Gallivant’ – simply meaning to wander about and is perhaps linked to ‘gallant’ as both have a degree of flirtation, intrigue and romanticism attached.

‘Wanderlust’ – a strong desire to rove around.

‘Wayfarer’ – a travaller on foot and a combination of ‘way’ (path) and ‘fare’ (to go, to travel).

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